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Our passions are travel, romance and health. We derive our name, Erosante, from the Greek God Eros- He Embodied love, athleticism, sexual power and art-the god of passion. We take Sante- from the French word for health. Erosante, is passion-health and it is a project with one distinct mission- To provide safe, secluded, elegant and luxurious spaces for our clients to retake and re-learn their passion for life, love, sex and their partnership. 


Erosante is a sexual health, intimacy and romance travel journey to the most beautiful, luxurious and sustainably- minded boutique properties in the desert and the tropics. It is a passion for our team to  deliver the very best retreat that can be designed. To that end, we have assembled a team of individuals that want only to serve and to provide a transformative, immersive journey that will leave you in blissful, calm joy.


The instructors are board-certified from thriving and successful practices in the U.S. Our structure is to do group work in the morning with smaller sessions or private coaching in the afternoon.  



-Jennifer Howe MPT, LEVEL 4 CERTIFIED ORTHOPEDIC MANUAL THERAPIST, CHC, is a Physical Therapist and Certified Health Coach from Seattle. She has dedicated her life to helping people to get better and to be better. She is a pure soul with a soothing voice and sensual movement through life. Jennifer wants to help men and women to experience the passions they deserve. Look forward to her coaching and insight into the physical aspects of relationship betterment.

-Dr. Viviana Coles DMFT, LMFT, CST is a Licensed Relationship and Sex Therapist, author of "The 4 Intimacy Styles," and renowned Intimacy Expert. Over the course of her 20-year career, she has focused on helping others to enhance their emotional and physical intimacy. We are thrilled to have her expertise and commitment to healthy intimacy and loving relationships. She will bring her classy, calm demeanor to our programming. We believe every single individual will leave feeling more empowered and excited about the trajectory of their intimate relationship


Dylan Beeson is the CEO and  founder of Travel-Well Enterprises LLC and has traveled all over the world searching for little Nirvanas, places of import and impact that leave he and his wife of 18 years enraptured in moments of euphoria. Dylan utilizes his vast knowledge and relationships to secure the very best, most romantic, soulful and sustainable properties on earth for Erosante.

The properties are distinctive, alluring and understated. The Food is vitally important to us. We strive for plant-forward, colorful, nutrient dense and local. All of this is designed to be a luxury, tailored experience where you- our client- leaves the stresses of home at home.  All you have to do is be present and open to a beautiful journey.

We bundle all of this in a retreat system that uses multiple methodologies to create a blissful, caring and wonderful environment. We utilize romantic settings, classic travel and gorgeous, sexy properties. We use music, lighting, design, art, scents and foods to deliver a retreat that has a beginning a middle and an end with an energy and an arced theme that will leave you transformed, euphoric and filled with intense passion.



The journey starts  with an intention ceremony and ends with a cleansing ceremony. Throughout the retreat we build up to and explore a heightened experience, using assignments and what we have learned to feel intense passion through the exploration of our bodies and our partners bodies and touch. We explore yoga poses, workshop numerous strategies both therapeutic and physiologic to enhance our zest, vigor and passion. 

Our intention is to do everything with a pledge to sustainability  not just to reduce carbon but to be thoughtful about our local partners and populations and to think deeply and act intentionally with regard to how we can best be part of an ongoing solution to help our planet, her people and animals.


jen howe_edited.jpg

Jennifer Howe MPT, CEO.

Viviana- Erosante Profile Pic_edited.jpg

Dr. Viviana Coles DMFT, LMFT, CST. Director of Intimate Connections.


Dylan Beeson, COO. Travel Expert. CEO Travel-Well Enterprices LLC

Meet The Team

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